Is this a company, a school, or a personal

It is a bit of all three.

As a company, I will go into schools and help them with science classes or
after school programs. As a school, I am creating mini-courses that will be
available through 3dGameLab. As a personal website, There will undoubtedly
be lots of personal information shared on these pages.
Why the diversity?

I have a lot of experience being a teacher, a virtual student, and a virtual
educator. I want to use the best parts of all of those communities to reach
students whose current educational needs are not fully being met.
What do I do?

I will tutor students in person at their home. I will create virtual courses so
students can get more practice with content they may not have fully learned
the first time around. When I figure out how to go about getting accredited, I
want to literally have students pick topics that will be available a la carte and
earn some high school credit for doing the virtual course. I am looking into
volunteering at local schools so that I can do an after school program with
them that involves learning how to use computers to create games, play
educational games, and/or learn how to code.
Learning STEM a la Carte