Teaching Credentials        

I started teaching in California in 1995. I retired due to complications with
Multiple Sclerosis in 2004, and again in 2010. I started being a virtual student
in 2010 and got my first taste of being a virtual teacher. That experience
taught me that if I am to teach students living in any particular state, I need
to have a credential in that state. With that in mind, I applied to many states
for a credential
, and now have a teaching credential in 24 states.

Since I can teach science lessons to students in 24 states, I can practically be
my own school. This company is at the beginning of finding a way to best use
my credentials.  

In addition to my state credentials, I became a National Board Certified
Teacher (NBCT) in 2010, in Adolescent and Young Adult Science.

In 2012 I completed a Certificate in Online Teaching through Boise State
Learning STEM a la Carte