Learning STEM a la Carte
Being a tutor

I have been tutoring students in math and science since 2011. I was getting
leads through online tutoring companies, which were very good positions, but
it was really bothersome how much the companies take off the top. Now that I
have some tutoring experience, I am using this website, and my company, to
promote myself as an in-person tutor.

I will drive to just about any location in the San Francisco East Bay. I charge
$60/hour plus mileage. If $60/ hour is too steep for you, we can negotiate a
better rate. I am flexible, but at $60/hour you will get what you pay for.

My qualifications:

I have a Bachelors of Science in biology, minor in chemistry, a Masters of
Science in plant pathology, and a Masters in Educational Technology. I have
several years of classroom teaching experience in various physical science
courses, mostly chemistry, and about eight years experience teaching
hands-on biotechnology to high school students. I am also a National Board
Certified Teacher (NBCT) until 2020.

I am patient with students and will give assistance, but I expect students to
do the work. I can't take the test for them, and it does not really matter how
well I know the material if the students can't do the work. Without frustrating
students, I will ask questions, not give obvious answers, and push them to do
the thinking. If all a student wants is the answer without demonstrating how to
get the answer, then we are wasting my time and your money.

In the last several years, I have tutored students in chemistry, both high
school and college level, algebra I and II, and biology. Because I had to take
many of the teacher tests to get credentials for various states, I am up to
date with what is expected of teachers with respect to content. I even earned a
Recognition of Excellence for scoring so high on the Praxis biology test in
February 2014.