The Virtual School

Learning STEM a la Carte will be using the 3dGameLab learning management
system. We may also use Moodle if courses grow to a size where 3dGameLab
would be overwhelmed.

The philosophy behind a la Carte is that students would complete small
courses. For example, if students failed biology, they could take mini-courses
in Learning Science a la Carte to earn back credits. If accreditation can be
done, each mini-course would be worth 1 California credit, where semesters
are normally worth 5 credits. So, for biology, a student can take the Virus
class, the Biological Molecules class, or any other biology course to start to
earn back credits.

3dGameLab functions in a quest based setting where students complete
quests to earn experience points. Final grades are determined based on the
experience points (XP) earned.

If we are granted access to Minecraftedu, there will be quests where students
complete science based lessons in Minecraft. We are very excited this may be
a possibility.
Learning STEM a la Carte